Monday, December 14, 2009

Kaleta for Hart?!?

Dudes. Guess who is tied for lead in Short-handed goals? Guess who has three goals in the last two games? Guess who is ridiculously fucking awesome and has the best goal celebration ever because (to horribly paraphrase the Buffalo News quote) he "treats every one like it might be his last"?


Tonight the following exchange happened during the game:

Me: Wow, MacArthur just took the lead for Sabres goal scoring!
Dad: Yeah? Who's in the top three?
Me: MacArtuhur, Vanek, and...Kaleta!
Dad: *chokes on beer and then dies laughing*


Kaleta seems to be stepping up where Roy is sucking? I'm not the biggest Roy fan in the world. I like him, and he contributes most of the time, but this has not been his best season. And MAN does Pominville want one. He had so many fantastic chances tonight and I really hope he cashes in one one soon!, p

Friday, December 11, 2009


So tonight I was supposed to be in DC. Actually, I was supposed to drive to Pittsburgh and then to DC yesterday afternoon. Only this little thing called a huge fucking snowstorm came up and screwed me over. My cousin went to the Caps game tonight with the tickets he got for the two of us. Thanks snow. Real classy. Though, I didn't die, even though I tried to make the drive. So I guess that's awesome?

But enough about me, Let's talk about the Buffalo showdown tonight. The paper had this fantastic article about how Patrick Kane and Tim Kennedy used to be in the same street hockey league in South Buffalo. Kaner looked up to Kennedy and was one of the first people to text him to congratulate him on his first NHL goal. GUYS. This is precious to me. Let's throw Kaleta in the mix and have one big Buffalo hugpile. Seriously. This is a great town for kids to grow up playing hockey in, and it makes me overjoyed to think that Kane used to root for Campbell and now plays alongside him.

Kane was the 3rd star tonight, but the Sabres still managed to pull through with a win. Couldn't have happened better for me. It reminds me of the game I was at a few years back where I hoped for a Kane goal and a Sabres win and got it.

Patrick Kane in his natural environment. *giggle*

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey, remember when I said this might turn into my drunken rambling? TONIGHT IS ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS.

Um...sorry for being not here so much. I got a bit distracted and will try to do better in the future. Important things for tonight:

1. The above mentioned video. Ryan Miller is a fucking god. Seriously. I was at the Canes game, and the entire arena stood up immediately after that save. And then we all stood up when the whistle blew. It was magical and the best thing ever. And tonight he was amazing. I absolutely adore him. Sadly, my Miller jersey seems to be bad luck this season. My Miller shersey is doing the trick, though.

2. Alex Ovechkin should not be suspended. I don't think he meant that hit to be a knee-on-knee. He plays rough and he plays excitedly, but he doesn't play stupidly. It was a bad turn and he caught Gleason with his knee, but he didn't mean to. That said, I won't be surprised if they do suspend him (even if he's injured) because he got a freebie in Buffalo the other night.

3. Apparently the league hates Kaleta and thinks he's an ass? WOW. I really love that kid. This makes me sadder than it should.

4. I miss Gaustad. I really really miss Gaustad. Boo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Non-Sabre of the Whenever Kate Feels Like It

So this is usually going to be a strictly Sabres related blog, however there are some other players out there who I tend to adore. I was going to make this a regular thing, but let's be honest...I'm only going to ramble about non-Sabres players whenever I feel like it. Schedules clearly mean nothing to me. So Welcome to the first segment of Non-Sabre of the Whenever Kate Feels Like It!

Let's talk about Sidney Crosby. *ducks projectiles* Yeah, I used to hate him, too. He completely ruined the Ice Bowl for me. Well, not completely, but my drunken frozen body was thoroughly depressed after he won the game for the Penguins. Now though? I am kind of head over heels for the smug little bastard. He was the first player who didn't play for the Sabres that I let myself like.

The thing with Crosby is...he's just really good. It was impossible for me to watch a game with him in it and not coo over the way he handles the puck and reads the ice. The kid knows what he's doing, and he makes it look 1) easy 2) pretty. Yeah, I said it. He plays pretty.

His face is kind of pretty, too. But that's a whole different issue ;)

I take a lot of shit from family and co-workers for even daring to admit like Crosby, but it's worth it. He's not even my favorite non-Sabre anymore, but he opened the door for the others who came after him. This season seems to be a battle between the Penguins and Capitals to see which team can get me to like them more. Not sure who'll win in the end. Though if Pittsburgh tires out Phoenix tonight and Buffalo ends up winning tomorrow? They may take the lead.

There's a strong possibility that I e-mailed this picture to myself at work and look at it whenever I'm having a really shitty day. A very strong one...

So thoughts? Opinions? Flying vegetables?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yes, it's October!

I'm very disturbed at the It's October trending topic on Twitter. Why? Because no one is talking about how October means hockey. I can't be the only person who spent the summer ending things with #isitoctoberyet? tag, right? Even Buffalo has chosen to remind me that it's October, continuing it's habit of being cold enough for the heat to be on but too cold for my landlady to turn it on. Awesome!

Can we talk about Nathan Gerbe for a minute? I was all set to love this tiny tiger. Now I have to wait until next season. Or, you know, when he gets called up for the string of inevitable injuries the team will incur. I'm sure Connolly will get breathed on or slip in the shower at some point and miss a week or two.

Gerbe is a bit too new to have an abundance of pictures floating around, but he's kind of precious, no? Have fun in Portland, Nate!

I'm off to get geared up for the Capitals vs. Bruins game tonight, but one last question. I've mentioned that the Penguins and Capitals are my second and third teams of choice, but who are you all following?

ps - Anyone who answered Ottawa may want to consider never mentioning it ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Four Days Until HOCKEY!

I have never been more glad to be included in the "Toronto Region" than last night. I have no idea how 2 1/2 hours away counts as in the region, but I got to witness the ridiculousness that was last night's Sabres/Leafs game. I'm really glad we eventually managed to hang onto a lead for more than a minute or so! If my heart was racing that much during a preseason game, I can't wait for the actual season to start. It feels like I've been tweeting "#isitOctoberyet?" for years now. hehe.

There's an interesting article about Patrick Kaleta in the Buffalo News today Not only is he getting involved in charity work (ps - HITS is the most aptly named foundation ever), but it has the following quote in it:

"He's got good skill," Ruff said. "He's on penalty killing, which tells you he's a smart player. He's a great skater. I want him to think hockey.

"He's had to survive and probably got here because he had to think, "I've got one crack at it. I've got to antagonize and I've got to hit people.' I still want that, but I want him to be able to play, too.

Kaleta is my kind of player. If he can manage to keep his game on the rougher side and start playing smarter? I will love him forever. Seriously. Plus he's got better fashion sense than a lot of players. *cough* Roy *cough* Here's a pic I took at the Red Carpet before last Wednesday's game as proof.

Also? I absolutely cannot wait for hockey on my tv. I have Center Ice ordered. My fridge will soon be re-stocked with Molson. I'm ready to bounce around on my couch and yell like an idiot. Bring it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Kingdom For A Video Feed

There's nothing quite as sad as having to listen to the games on WGR instead of watching them on tv. I know this, because it's how I spent my time at college in Utica. hehe. Tonight's game sounds ridiculous - right from MacArthur's goal in the first minute - and I wish I could watch it. The Kaleta fight would have been exciting to watch, too.

Can we talk about Kaleta for a minute? Why does it seem like the entire league hates him? I know half of you are thinking "What? The league cares about the Sabres?!?" but the refs seem to have it out for him. Hits that other players could make no problem result in a ton of penalties for him. I just don't get it. Yeah...he's a rougher player, but give the kid a break!

Here are a few key thing to realize about this blog:

1. Hockey and beer go hand in hand for me. This is mostly my dad's fault (thank god for Dad!). I accept full responsibility if this blog dissolves into a bunch of drunken rambling.

2. I like my players rough. There's a certain beauty in a hard hit or someone mucking around in front of the net. Yeah, the pretty plays are fun to watch, but this is where my heart is. Needless to say, Paul Gaustad is one of my favorites. If Gerbe makes the team (please, make the team!) he'll be right up my alley.

3. I un-ironically love Ryan Miller. I may yell at him; I may blame losses on him; I may make fun of his ragged, uneven eyebrows. But I adore him.

4. I like other teams, too. *Gasp* I get a lot of shit for it at work and from my family, but whatever. So there will be no Penguins or Capitals hatred here. I do reserve the right to whine when they outplay my boys, though.

5. Fuck Ottawa. No seriously. FUCK OTTAWA.

Now that we have the guidelines down, I'll leave you with the most fantastic image I've ever seen: