Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Kingdom For A Video Feed

There's nothing quite as sad as having to listen to the games on WGR instead of watching them on tv. I know this, because it's how I spent my time at college in Utica. hehe. Tonight's game sounds ridiculous - right from MacArthur's goal in the first minute - and I wish I could watch it. The Kaleta fight would have been exciting to watch, too.

Can we talk about Kaleta for a minute? Why does it seem like the entire league hates him? I know half of you are thinking "What? The league cares about the Sabres?!?" but the refs seem to have it out for him. Hits that other players could make no problem result in a ton of penalties for him. I just don't get it. Yeah...he's a rougher player, but give the kid a break!

Here are a few key thing to realize about this blog:

1. Hockey and beer go hand in hand for me. This is mostly my dad's fault (thank god for Dad!). I accept full responsibility if this blog dissolves into a bunch of drunken rambling.

2. I like my players rough. There's a certain beauty in a hard hit or someone mucking around in front of the net. Yeah, the pretty plays are fun to watch, but this is where my heart is. Needless to say, Paul Gaustad is one of my favorites. If Gerbe makes the team (please, make the team!) he'll be right up my alley.

3. I un-ironically love Ryan Miller. I may yell at him; I may blame losses on him; I may make fun of his ragged, uneven eyebrows. But I adore him.

4. I like other teams, too. *Gasp* I get a lot of shit for it at work and from my family, but whatever. So there will be no Penguins or Capitals hatred here. I do reserve the right to whine when they outplay my boys, though.

5. Fuck Ottawa. No seriously. FUCK OTTAWA.

Now that we have the guidelines down, I'll leave you with the most fantastic image I've ever seen:


  1. I thought I posted a comment here, but I didn't? Haha, oops.

    First off, welcome to the blogging world! Secondly, I love the photo you chose. Goose's leg makes me go crazy, and Thomas is perfection in a kiddy helmet and too tight of shorts.

    I can't wait to read your drunken posts. I bet they'll be all sorts of fun!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully I can keep this up and make it somewhat entertaining.

    I spent a good five minutes laughing hysterically when I first saw this picture. It's pretty much everything wonderful in the world captured in a single frame.