Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Non-Sabre of the Whenever Kate Feels Like It

So this is usually going to be a strictly Sabres related blog, however there are some other players out there who I tend to adore. I was going to make this a regular thing, but let's be honest...I'm only going to ramble about non-Sabres players whenever I feel like it. Schedules clearly mean nothing to me. So Welcome to the first segment of Non-Sabre of the Whenever Kate Feels Like It!

Let's talk about Sidney Crosby. *ducks projectiles* Yeah, I used to hate him, too. He completely ruined the Ice Bowl for me. Well, not completely, but my drunken frozen body was thoroughly depressed after he won the game for the Penguins. Now though? I am kind of head over heels for the smug little bastard. He was the first player who didn't play for the Sabres that I let myself like.

The thing with Crosby is...he's just really good. It was impossible for me to watch a game with him in it and not coo over the way he handles the puck and reads the ice. The kid knows what he's doing, and he makes it look 1) easy 2) pretty. Yeah, I said it. He plays pretty.

His face is kind of pretty, too. But that's a whole different issue ;)

I take a lot of shit from family and co-workers for even daring to admit like Crosby, but it's worth it. He's not even my favorite non-Sabre anymore, but he opened the door for the others who came after him. This season seems to be a battle between the Penguins and Capitals to see which team can get me to like them more. Not sure who'll win in the end. Though if Pittsburgh tires out Phoenix tonight and Buffalo ends up winning tomorrow? They may take the lead.

There's a strong possibility that I e-mailed this picture to myself at work and look at it whenever I'm having a really shitty day. A very strong one...

So thoughts? Opinions? Flying vegetables?


  1. I used to adore him but now I hate him, for my own reasons.

  2. You're totally allowed to hate him. hehe. It seems like most everyone I know in Buffalo does.

  3. My best friend's brother put it as 'Buffalo isn't supposed to like Pittsburgh sports'. Which, I like the Penguins as a whole and I see tons of people all the time walking around with Steelers stuff on.