Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey, remember when I said this might turn into my drunken rambling? TONIGHT IS ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS.

Um...sorry for being not here so much. I got a bit distracted and will try to do better in the future. Important things for tonight:

1. The above mentioned video. Ryan Miller is a fucking god. Seriously. I was at the Canes game, and the entire arena stood up immediately after that save. And then we all stood up when the whistle blew. It was magical and the best thing ever. And tonight he was amazing. I absolutely adore him. Sadly, my Miller jersey seems to be bad luck this season. My Miller shersey is doing the trick, though.

2. Alex Ovechkin should not be suspended. I don't think he meant that hit to be a knee-on-knee. He plays rough and he plays excitedly, but he doesn't play stupidly. It was a bad turn and he caught Gleason with his knee, but he didn't mean to. That said, I won't be surprised if they do suspend him (even if he's injured) because he got a freebie in Buffalo the other night.

3. Apparently the league hates Kaleta and thinks he's an ass? WOW. I really love that kid. This makes me sadder than it should.

4. I miss Gaustad. I really really miss Gaustad. Boo.

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