Friday, December 11, 2009


So tonight I was supposed to be in DC. Actually, I was supposed to drive to Pittsburgh and then to DC yesterday afternoon. Only this little thing called a huge fucking snowstorm came up and screwed me over. My cousin went to the Caps game tonight with the tickets he got for the two of us. Thanks snow. Real classy. Though, I didn't die, even though I tried to make the drive. So I guess that's awesome?

But enough about me, Let's talk about the Buffalo showdown tonight. The paper had this fantastic article about how Patrick Kane and Tim Kennedy used to be in the same street hockey league in South Buffalo. Kaner looked up to Kennedy and was one of the first people to text him to congratulate him on his first NHL goal. GUYS. This is precious to me. Let's throw Kaleta in the mix and have one big Buffalo hugpile. Seriously. This is a great town for kids to grow up playing hockey in, and it makes me overjoyed to think that Kane used to root for Campbell and now plays alongside him.

Kane was the 3rd star tonight, but the Sabres still managed to pull through with a win. Couldn't have happened better for me. It reminds me of the game I was at a few years back where I hoped for a Kane goal and a Sabres win and got it.

Patrick Kane in his natural environment. *giggle*

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